cooked meats wholesale

Aromatic, fresh, and supplied by best Polish producers. Polish cooked meats are products that have to be stored and transported in proper conditions. Taking the said issue into account, the Euro-Hurt L.L.C. has been constantly purchasing new warehouse and vehicle freezers. Thanks to them, we can ensure you that the delivered goods will be not only high quality but also fully edible.

We have been cooperating with numerous companies dealing with cooked meats production. Aside from big firms that are respectable in the industry (e.g. Tarczyński, Sokołów), our offer also includes goods provided by family businesses (such as Płatek, Gaik). Due to the fact that we have been cooperating with such companies for numerous consecutive years, we can take advantage of lowest possible prices and most up-to-date assortment. Thanks to that, we can meet your wildest expectations.

We would like you to familiarize with our newest offer including: pates, sausages, hams, frankfurters, and canned meats. The ordered goods will be delivered to the specified address before the set deadline. By cooperating with us, you can offer your customers a wide range of unusual tastes.